Our Story

BIOTOPLEVEL is on a global mission to research and develop a totally new generation of supplements. Our main focus are the formulation and stabilization of natural biomolecules as well as the way supplements are administered to people.

Since early 1980s the founders of BIOTOPLEVEL began some researches on molecules that act as bio-modulators and regulate different biological functions through the regulation and control systems of the body. 

From these investigations nowadays BIOTOPLEVEL develops, manufactures and markets innovative nutraceuticals, useful to achieve and maintain optimal health, energy and quality of life.


It is a technological proprietary process, which includes procedures for obtaining, selecting, formulating, stabilizing and activating natural molecules. BIOTOPLEVEL® technology is an innovative biomolecular generation and activation process.

Through this process, BIOTOPLEVEL® has developed a completely new line of natural products that can be used alone or in combination. BIOTOPLEVEL® products are administered by the sublingual oral route, that is, under the tongue. The sublingual route of administration prevents the degradation of the components and favors a greater absorption of the active molecules and a faster action.

By using the sublingual route, the ingredients are absorbed directly and more quickly and optimally (without degradation of the active molecules) than when consumed in the form of pills and other liquid presentations. Sublingual administration is the fastest way of absorption, and the most efficient of all presentations of nutritional supplements. In this manner the substances are absorbed immediately under the tongue and enter the bloodstream without having to pass through the gastrointestinal tract, this means that the molecules are not metabolized through the liver. BIOTOPLEVEL® products provide the highest bioavailability or optimum utilization of all active ingredients.

BIOTOPLEVEL® products can be used as nutritional supplements to support, stimulate and modulate different normal biological functions of the body, therefore, they are very useful to achieve and maintain good health, increase energy, promote general well-being and improve the quality of life.

If you have any questions about our products or want to contact us please e-mail info@biotoplevel.com