BIOTOPLEVEL develops and markets innovative products, helpful to promote a healthy lifestyle, improve the general wellness and quality of life. BIOTOPLEVEL formulations are designed to help you be the best version of yourself.

BIOTOPLEVEL formulations are Innovative and Different to the standards formulations. BIOTOPLEVEL formulations are activated with the new and proprietary BIOTOPLEVEL® technology to potentiate the effects of the active ingredients in each product and provide an optimal absorption and fastest delivery of the ingredients and substances into the bloodstream. BIOTOPLEVEL® technology makes each of our formulations a unique product.

BIOTOPLEVEL formulations promote a Fast Acting, Safe and Effective Response. BIOTOPLEVEL® technology is combined with the sublingual administration to promote the fastest absorption way, and the most efficient of all presentations of dietary supplements. Since the substances in our formulations are absorbed immediately under the tongue and get into the bloodstream without having to go through the gastrointestinal tract, our formulations provide the highest bioavailability or optimal use of all the active ingredients and substances.

BIOTOPLEVEL formulations are all pure natural and do not contain any harmful preservatives. BIOTOPLEVEL formulations are made with the highest-quality components available. Our customers get the desired results without feeling any adverse effect.

Customer satisfaction has been the main objective of BIOTOPLEVEL over the years, it is the incentive to keep us researching and working hard each day to give our customers the best products with the highest quality.